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Aami Banglay Gaan Gai – Aami Banglar Gan Gai, Aami aamar amike chiro din ei Banglay Khuje Pai…. this song by the legendary songwriter, singer and creative artist, Pratul Mukhopadhyay truly reflects the “Bangaliana” to its core. Bongotoru, the word has its meaning embedded within itself. “Bongo” means the region of Bengal and “toru” means the tree. For hundreds of Bengalis who are separated from Bengal, Bongotoru is the tree, the shadow and the conjugation string which binds and brings back the Bangaliana into the heart of Delhi-NCR.

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Bongotoru Sharodotsav 2023

Upcoming Events

Sharodotsav 2023 Venue: Central Park, Shipra Suncity, Indirapuram Experience various famous folk arts of Bengal read more 20 Oct – 24 Oct 2023
Saraswati Puja (Basant Panchami) Venue: Central Park, Shipra Suncity, Indirapuram Join the celebration and be a part of Ananda Mela read more Jan 2024
Bongotoru Annual Picnic Venue: TBC Opportunity to meet entire Bongotoru family and enjoy delicious Bengali delicacies read more Jan 2024
Barsho Baron - Bengali New Year Venue: TBC 06:00 PM Onwards Bongotoru shall be organizing Barsho Baron in April 2024 read more April 2024
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We Care

“জীবে প্রেম করে যেই জন / সেই জন সেবিছে ঈশ্বর।“

"Jibe Prem Kore Jei jon, Sei jon Sebiche Iswar" – Swamy Vivekananda
“- those who love all on this earth are truly serving to the Almighty!“

We at Bongotoru have imbibed this very though of Swami ji within ourselves and have let the essence of it.

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