Who We Are
About Bongotoru

For hundreds of Bengalis who are separated from Bengal, Bongotoru is the unique uniting string which strives to bring back the Bangaliana into the heart of NCR and relive everything Bengali.

Since its first year, Bongotoru has stood as a common forum for all Bengalis in Indirapuram gradually opening its arms to Bengalis all around not just NCR but everywhere in the country and overseas. Bongotoru is headquartered in Shipra Sun City, an affluent suburb of Delhi and organizes all Bengali religious-cultural functions of Bengalis including Sri Sri Durga Puja, Sri Sri Shyama Puja, Sri Sri Lakshmi Puja and Sri Sri Saraswati Puja, Dol Purnima, Poila Boishakh and Rabindra Jayanti. This year, Bongotoru also organized a “Bosontotsav” along with Saraswati Puja to mark the beginning of spring and Basant Panchami.

It also organizes a rich fare of cultural events alongside these religious events to provide a prominent platform to local artists and performers alongside those of national and international repute.

Bongotoru also has a social wing "We Care" which organizes blood donation camps and has conducted medical camps in Indirapuram apart from organizing camps to distribute clothes, blankets and books to the economically challenged strata of society. Programmes to address issues like AIDS and adult literacy are also under consideration and finalization.

Since 2007, Bongotoru has also started bringing out a bilingual newsletter “Bongoshakha” which features articles from people in the locality as well as from people in Kolkata and Bangladesh in both Bengali and English. It is also planning to start a Bangla school to ensure that today’s generation is not separated from the Bangla language and culture. A school to impart vocal and instrumental music is also in its final stage.

Manned by people from vast and diverse backgrounds, Bongotoru bring together a rich experience in culture, literature, management and learning. We invite all like minded Bengalis to come and join hands with us and make the movement much bigger and more meaningful.