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Aami Banglay Gaan Gai – Aami Banglar Gan Gai, Aami aamar amike chiro din ei Banglay Khuje Pai…. this song by the legendary songwriter, singer and creative artist, Pratul Mukhopadhyay truly reflects the “Bangaliana” to its core. Bongotoru, the word has its meaning embedded within itself. “Bongo” means the region of Bengal and “toru” means the tree. For hundreds of Bengalis who are separated from Bengal, Bongotoru is the tree, the shadow and the conjugation string which binds and brings back the Bangaliana into the heart of Delhi-NCR and relive everything that’s “Bengali”. Since its inception, Bongotoru has stood as a common socio-cultural forum for all Bengalis in Delhi-NCR region and increasingly opening its arms to Bengalis and other communities throughout the country and overseas. The purpose of our existence is simple yet extremely powerful, our vision is to propagate the culture and the values that we as a community have always inculcated within us. Today as an organization, we are happy that we have been able to create a podium where people and groups from various segment of society can showcase their cultural talents and earn the desired exposure. Bongotoru also has a social wing "We Care", it is the helping arm of Bongotoru, the function is to help and support the society in various ways that may include organizing blood donation camps, medical camps, distribution of clothes, blankets, distribution of books to the to the underprivileged segment.

Bongotoru Executive Members 2023-2024

Mr Shuvendu Mazumdar President
Mr Basab Bhattacharya General Secretary
Mr Biswajit Rout Treasurer
Ms Suparna Roy Executive Member
Mr Sourav Mukherjee Executive Member
Mr Kaushik Chakraborty Executive Member
Mr Arunangshu Sinha Executive Member
Mr Souvik Mukherjee Executive Member
Mr Nirmal Sarkar Executive Member
Mr Pallab Biswas Executive Member

Bongotoru Sharodotsav Committee 2023

Mr Provas Ghosh Chairman
Dr Ranajit Chatterjee Vice Chairman
Mr Shuvendu Mazumdar President
Mr Surajit Dey Purkayastha Vice President
Mr Basab Bhattacharya General Secretary
Mr Biswajit Routh Treasurer
Mr Subrata Roy Exe Vice President (MKTG)
Mr Sourav Mukherjee Puja Management
Ms Suparna Roy Cultural Program

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